As living beings, we have two places to call home: planet earth and our physical bodies. It’s on us to care for them just as they shelter us. The more love we put into them, the more productive and healthy they’ll be for us. It’s a win/win, honestly. 

Both the earth and our bodies are temporary vessels, but let’s be real - the earth will probably last a lot longer. It’s kind of like we’re renting our time here. Let’s strive to be model tenants, shall we?
Sustainable? Plastic free? Zero waste? We know, it’s an intimidating thought. Impossible, even. When we think about it, we really don’t think about the waste we contribute to. We don’t want you to feel judged or pressured to practice this philosophy perfectly - we like to think of it as a mindfulness practice. Instead of autopilot, which is accepting things as they come, we do what we can to stay in the moment and really own our decisions. And trust us (and that age-old adage) it’s all the little decisions that make the difference.

Good things come in small batches. The more hand-worn, woven, smoothed, stitched, hammered, poured, infused, painted, pressed, the better. It’s all about love. The craft. The artistry. We can feel it when we hold an item that was made for us, instead of a cold factory where all the workers will soon be replaced with AI. Another day, another issue. Back to the one at hand!

Unfortunately, we realize that adapting a sustainable lifestyle won’t be a stroll through the meadows for everyone. Due to circumstance, some might find it more difficult to implement than others. This can be location based. It can be which wealth bracket you fall into. It can be a daily routine that heavily relies on single-use items. It’s okay. Let us be the first to tell you (I hope we aren’t) that it’s fine to do things at your own pace. We’re here for you.

It’s a fine time to be in for the consumer. In the age of information (are we dating ourselves?), where it’s that much easier to make smart decisions when it comes to where choose to spend our money. This is incredibly empowering and what’s more, pressures retailers and manufacturers to respond to our needs. So demand away. Non-toxic options? Check. Long lasting? Yup. Beautiful to look at? Right away. Good hand feel? Be right back. Better prices? Well-

Ask us about our products! We’d love to answer anything you need to know before, during, or after purchasing. We understand that transparency is paramount to this new wave of retail, and we’re always striving to stay ahead of the curve. Just email us at hello@shopzerous.com with your questions!